Incorporated as a Trust in the spring of 2009, New Life Trust is headed by Shri S Sankara, a leading Cost Accountant with over 15 years of experience covering both Individual, Corporate and Institutional clients.

The organization is registered as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act, bearing Registration No. 65/2009

The Trust received its 12AA Certification from the Department of Income Tax in July 2010.

Donations to the Trust are exempt from Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, vide a certification issued in July 2010.

Vocational Training Center at Tirupur

The major activities of the trust are concentrated in the villages of Manachanallur, Musiri and Thuraiyur in TamilNadu. The beneficiaries are spread out across 57 villages in the area.

The activities of the trust are supported by the voluntary efforts of a team of social minded and dedicated youth hailing from the bottom strata of the rural community. These youth have a clear insight into the socio-economic, cultural and health problems faced by the inmates of the villages.

They conduct regular interaction programs in these villages to gain a view of the ground realities, and then help to frame programs and projects to address the concerns faced by the villagers.

New Life Trust has till today undertaken several community intiatives, which have impacted thousands of beneficiaries.

Health Awareness and Rural Welfare are the backbone of the trust's activities.

The primary areas of focus include :

  • Adopt backward villages

  • Implement rural welfare schemes

  • Establish, administer and maintain shelters in rural belts

  • Provide accessibility to basic medical facilities.

  • Establish and run orphanages for underprivileged children

  • Offer Financial assistance like scholarships to meritorious students

  • Contribute Books and Stationery to disadvantaged students

  • Ensure availability of atleast 1 square meal a day to elders

  • Ensure 3 nutritious meals per day for kids and school going children

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The day to day affairs of the Trust are vested in the following trustees

S Sankara

Managing Trustee


A Cost Accountant by profession, Sankara has a more than 2 decade experience in handling NGO's and Project Intermediaries. He has been instrumental in the formation of a number of Self Help Groups in the rural belts around Trichy. His concept of "Self Sustaining" Women SHG's has helped transform many hamlets in the area by encourage eco-farming and other agricultural activities.





A widely traveled philanthropist, Senthilnathan is at the heart of many of the notable initiatives of the Trust. His social and corporate contacts have ensured that the Trust is able to carry forward its service agenda of empowering the rural belt with self sustaining programmes.





A Cost Accountant by profession, Haribaskar is brings to the Trust more than a decade of administrative experience in serving various corporate houses in TamilNadu.






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