1. Educational Assistance to villages

With a view to encourage and help the school students hailing from the adopted villages, we distribute educational materials, note books, pen and pencil etc., for students with the support of local donors in the development of their future studies.

2. Field survey training to NGO Volunteers

Volunteers are selected and given training about field survey. It is very useful to survey about to the handicapped persons, orphans, semi-orphans, mentally retarded persons, destitute families etc., to send the project proposal to get the Financial Assistant for the Welfare of above Categories.

3. Rice Distribution Programme

We have identified destitute families primarily from Nagamangalam Block of Ilupaiyur village, and distributed Rice to them on a monthly basis

4. Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs)

In the view of regularize the women Self Help Groups (SHGs) activities thereby strengthen the same monthly training were given to the women in the following activities.

  • Clear insight of Socio - Economic aspects

  • Leadership qualities.

  • Micro Enterprises

  • Rural Entrepreneurship development.

  • Proper Maintenance of SHGs records

So far, a total of 300 women SHGs member representing from 20 SHGs have undergone the training course and benefited in going information and knowledge an SHGs operation. After from the training course weekly of fortnightly, meetings are regular events of the women SHGs. Internal loaning, repayment, proper attendance of the women members at the periodic meeting skills training etc are a regular agenda of the Meeting.

5. Women Empowerment Programme

In view of strengthening the existing women SHG, a series of one day capacity building training are organized for the leaders of SHGs.

Likewise, they are also trained on women Rights, Equality and Gender Justice, Property rights, Reproductive Rights, Political Governance and Role of Women Groups in public Governance and Community Participation. These programmes are organized as one day non residential trainings for the active women leaders from the groups.

6. Environmental Awareness Programme

Vermi compost is distributed with financial assistance from local well wishers and trustees contribution.
Seminars on Vermi Compost are organized at regular intervals. The topics covered include - Value of organic manure, Construction of compost tanks, Vermi compost production, Proper Application of Vermi compost, and Promotion of Soil Fertility.

7. HIV /AIDS Awareness

In conjunction with leading doctors, and NGO's, we conduct Awareness programmes which discuss the following topics

  • Basic information of HIV / AIDs

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Myths and misconception of HIV/AIDS and STD

  • Mode of transmission of HIV /AIDS

  • Prevention methods

  • Proper condom use as preventive and contraceptive

  • STD Medical care

  • AIDS counseling services

A demonstration of "Proper condom use" are also conducted by the doctors. Bills containing AIDS awareness messages are distributed to the participants.


Drug Addiction Awareness Programme

An awareness session on the harmful effects of drug addiction was conducted at at Community Hall, Elemanur. A de-addiction center is being run by a private service organization in Trichy for the rehabilitation of the drug addicts admitted in the centre. Our organization in association with Government Hospital is sponsoring medical treatment to the addicts referred by the de-addiction center.
Consultation and important medicines are given free of cost to the patients. Additionally, special counseling are being conducted for the patients to help them overcome the psychological effects, and help them lead a normal life.

Educational Help

The Trust distributed free educational materials and uniform dresses to students hailing from downtrodden families at Government. Higher.Secondary. School, Kovilpatti village in Manapparai. 62 children were presented with educational materials and uniform dresses at a special function held at the Administration Office in Trichy.

Road Safety Measures

A road safety awareness program for lorry drivers, truck drivers, highway truckers and taxi workers was organized at Esanai in Lalgudi.. Eminent resource persons from Police, Lawyers, Regional Transport Office and Ward Counsellors discussed on road safety measures, and avoidance of acidents. More than 240 school students, women from Self Help Groups and rural youth participated in the program. Pamphlets on Road Safety were distributed to the audience.

Woman & Child Development Program

An educational seminar on Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) was organized at Government Higher Secondary School, Puthupatti. Forty women from SHGs and 20 Men from Youth clubs participated in the seminar. Dr.T.S.Swathi, MBBS., DGO, delivered the Special address on RCH and its related components. The followings topics were covered.

  • Reproductive Health

  • Reproductive health Problems

  • STD/RTI/UTI problems and Medical Care

  • Unsafe Abortion

  • Use of various Contraceptive Methods

  • Child Survival and Safe Motherhood (CSSM)

  • Timely immunization of Child.

The doubts of the Women on various RCH related aspects were clarified by the doctor at the interactive session that followed the speech.

Pollution Control Awareness Program

An awareness seminar on pollution control and tree plantation was organized at Somarasampettai village for women and small and marginal farmers. About 60 men and women attended the seminar. Mr.Dhanaraj, Director, DEAR Foundation, Trichy and resource persons from Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, Trichy, spoke on necessity of tree plantation for environmental protection. They dwelt on the effectiveness of trees in preventing of air pollution and depletion of the ozone layer. All the participants were advised to plant trees in vacant place of their lands and backyard of their house.

Awareness Generation Program

With a view to promoting the field capabilities of women SHGs leaders and youth club members, an awareness generation programmes was organized at Arumbanur village. More than 82 leaders participated in the camp. Resources persons from nationalized banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank, District Rural Development Agency Trichy and local NGOs, were invited to conduct the sessions of the awareness camp. The following topics were covered by the resource persons during the programme

  • Women and Social Awareness

  • Women and Importance of SHGs

  • Women and Family Welfare

  • Women and Savings

  • Women and Health

  • Women and Environment

  • Women and Political Participation

  • Women and Child Health

  • Women and Technology

After an interval of two months, a two day follow-up programme was conducted for the same women beneficiates.

Maintainance of Self Help Groups

To ensure socio-economic empowerment of rural women, 15 self-help groups (SHGs) have been promoted in the target areas. In each SHG, there are 15-20 women members. Further, all the SHGs have opened bank accounts in nationalized and corporative banks to deposit their savings and each account is operated jointly by the elected president and treasurer.

The SHGs members make subscription on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Micro credit is given to the members out of the savings mobilized. This amount is utilized by the member to meet out emergency domestic expenses and to commence any income generation micro enterprises like petty shop, goat rearing, mini tiffin stall, milk vending, vegetables and fruits vending etc., This programme enables the SHGs women to relieve themselves from the exploitative clutches of the private money lenders who charge higher interest.

Elections are held once every 3 years to help maintain a leadership chain in the orgainzation.

In order to strengthen the SHGs, a two day orientation course was organized, wherein 15 SHGs leaders and selected members of SHGs participated in the orientation course actively.

A two day training was organized for the SHGs leaders at Community Hall, Aranai, wherein leaders from 15 SHGs
participated in the training programme. The following topics were covered in the 2 days programme:-

  • Concept of Self-Help

  • Saving and credits

  • Micro credits

  • Loan Repayment

  • Micro enterprises

  • Maintenance of SHG Accounts

  • Income generation initiatives

  • Self-reliance

This 2 day training programme enabled to strengthen the existing SHGs with the involvement and co-operation of the members.

Media Focus on Child Development

Media Publicity is an essential tool for any of the voluntary service organisation to help publicize and deliver welfare services effectively to the community. We have published resource materials about child based development activities.

Our local Handmade Newspaper focusses on the FOUR RIGHTS of children (survival, participation, development and protection), community responsibility to child development and child based development issues. This program was effectively organized by our team of volunteers and support groups and it helped us to reach across to the wider public with minimum efforts.

Youth Empowerment Training Program

A special program was conducted on Youth Empowerment Day  involving our community volunteers. Recreational activities were conducted. Resource teams interacted with the volunteers on a array of topics ranging from life skill practices, pre-marital counseling, carrier guidance, managing emotions, being patriotic, engendering volunteerism, role and responsibility for lasting community development, techniques for improving self-confidence, self esteem, leadership management etc.

Clean & Green Program

Environmental clean up drives were conducted by our volunteers and students in Jeeva Nagar and near by streets in the working area over 2 days. Students from NSS (National Service Scheme) in the Matriculation School and the community volunteers along with our staff members were involved in cleaning of public utilities in the villages.

Removal of plastic materials, separating compost, non-compost wastes and recyling of Solid waste was done. This program drew wide appreciation from the area residents, who also came forward to participate in the clean up drive.

Awareness On Natural Foods

Natural Foods are nutritious and help to maintain a healthy life. We have always promoted natural food practices among the working groups since our incepti on. A demonstration cum awareness on “Natural Food Practices & Healthy life” was conducted with the involvement of women members by educating them on how they can adopt natural food practices in their daily life. The calories and other benefits of each food variety were explained. Food pattern, nutritional charts and cooking procedures were also explained to the beneficiaries. We have also educated school children and adolescents on this program and they involved in preparation of natural food recipes.

Media publicity was also arranged to help reach the information to a wider section of the public. The participants were involved in the preparation of  various recipes like Soya Sauce, Green Salad, Multi-Grain Salad, Vegetable Soups, Mushroom Biriyani etc.

International Womens Day

World Women’s Day was observed by New Life Trust with the SHGs women at Communi ty Hall, Ariyamangalam. About 250 SHGs women from the adopted villages of Thiruverambur block, attended in the meeting. Mr.Selvakumar, M.A., B.L., Advocate, Mr.Baskar, President, Area Counselor, Women SHGs Federation delivered the special address on
women rights, women emancipation, women protection, and socio-economic empowerment of women. The Resource persons advised to the women to fight against the atrocities on women with courage, unity and solidarity and violence against women and children.

Health Awareness Program

A one day Health Awareness program was organized Kattur area in Thiruverambur for the benefit of the women and men sangam members. About 38 men and women from the respective men and women sangams attended the meeting. Illiteracy, poverty, lack of basic awareness on health and deplorable health conditions of the rural population prompted the organization of this program. Dr.Manimekalai, MBBS., and Dr.Thangaraj, MBBS., DGO, Trichy delivered a special address on basic health awareness. The following topics were covered:

  • First Aid

  • Nutrition and functions of vitamins

  • Communicable and Non-communicable diseases

  • Water borne diseases

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Women and child health

  • ANC, NC and PNC services available with Government Medical Sources.

  • Vaccinations and immunizations

Effective IEC materials like fillip charts, posters, pamphlets, hand bills, etc., were used to educate the target group effectively.

Environmental Awareness Campaign

An Environmental Awareness Campaign was conducted in Inamkulathur village. About 60 SHGs women participated in the seminar. Mr.Alagappa Moses, M.Sec., M.phil., Professor, and C.Subramanian, Managing Trustee, ACT Foundation, Trichy delivered a special address on environment related topics. The following topics were covered by the resource persons:

  • Air pollution

  • Water pollution

  • Soil pollution

  • Pollutants of air, water and soil

  • Global warming

  • Hole in the ozone layer

  • Tree plantation

  • Forestation

  • Failure of monsoon rains

The resource persons advised the participants to plant trees in the vacant places of their habitats. Saplings of Neem and Tamarind ware distributed to the participants free of cost.

Women And Child Care

An educational seminar on Women and Child Care was organized at Government Higher Secondary School, Nagamangalam. Around 40 women from SHGs and 20 Men from Youth clubs participated in the Seminar. Dr.T.S.Swathi, MBBS., DGO, delivered the Special address on RCH and its related components. The followings topics were covered.

  • Reproductive Health

  • Reproductive health Problems

  • STD/RTI/UTI problems and Medical Care

  • Unsafe Abortion

  • Use of various Contraceptive Methods

  • Child Survival and Safe Motherhood (CSSM)

  • Timely immunization of Child

The doubts of the Women on various RCH related aspects were clarified at the end of the session.

Naturopathy And Yoga Awareness

A Siddha/ Naturopathy and Yoga awareness program was conducted at North Paganur village, Manikandam for the general public, with a special focus on rural women and youth. More than 150 participants were benefited by this awareness programme. Dr.Muruganandham, BNYS., Thuvarankurichi delivered the special address on natural foods, yoga and meditation, water therapy, acupuncture and treatments usages and merits and de-merits of natural foods usage.

Special Education for Unorganized Women & Child

Under the special educational programme for unorganised women and children, we organized more than 200 small and marginal farmers and children into ECO Clubs at Manapparai and Vaiyampatti villages Subsequently, a two day training on “Land Reclamation & Modern Agriculture Farming” was organized at V.Idayapatti village for farmers and SHGs women. Eminent resource persons from Agricultural University, Navalur Kottapattu, LEISA Network, Trichy and Soil Association, Perambalur, were invited to conduct the training program.

Formation of Farmer's Clubs

Farmers Clubs were formed in Lalgudi and Manachanallur villages, in collaborating in NABARD, KVKs and agricultural departments for the benefit of rural poor farmers. These clubs enabled them to gain access to various schemes and other agricultural activities. Eminent resource persons from Agricultural Department, Government of TamilNadu and  Bank Managers addressed the clubs on the importance of collective farming and their benefits, various assistance schemes, and the rules and regulations governing their sanction.

Training Program for Teachers

A training programme for Teachers was conduced to help them to impart skill training to the students, and to create awareness among the children’s parents on the need to familiarize their children with various skills. A series of seminars on restructuring educational syllabus, and adopting new teaching methods was conducted in the surrounding villages of Trichy.

Awareness Campaign on Climate Change

An Awareness Campaign on Climate Change and Global Warming at the district level was organized at Cauvery Girls Higher Secondary School, Trichirappalli. The impacts of climate change on economic recovery was discussed. The need to promote activities aimed at minimizing the impact was discussed.

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